Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Children at Play


I LOVE watching children at play!!  It is my favorite time to capture images of children.  When children are playing, they are in their natural environment and are most comfortable.  I love the looks on children's faces as they explore, learn, and play.  This is when I like to capture that inquisitive look or that joyful smile.  I like for the moms and dads of the children I photograph to look at the photos and think, "He always has that look on his face when he's concentrating" or "I don't ever want to forget that smile and laugh."  I absolutely love it when I capture a priceless expression.  It usually takes hundreds of photos to get that perfect one, but it is worth it!  For those of you interested in this type of photography, I highly recommend Me Ra Koh's blog.  Her "Refuse to Say Cheese" DVD is great for moms trying to capture those special moments in the lives of their children.

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