Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taking a Leap of Faith with Photography

I've been working on starting a blog for weeks, so it is hard to know exactly what to say now that I actually have one.  I feel as if the words I write in this inaugural post are somewhat monumental.  I know that it cannot be complete without me saying that I absolutely LOVE photography!!  I love capturing the little moments of the lives around me whether it be my adorable son, Miller, feeling snow fall on his face for the very first time (or doing just about anything), or of a pregnant woman anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new bundle of joy, or of an adorable infant peacefully sleeping, or of an ecstatic bride getting ready to marry the man of her dreams. Pure and simple, I love capturing emotions through the lens of my camera.  And, I hope to turn this love and passion into a thriving business where I get to do what I love for a living everyday.  Isn't that the American Dream?!? My new business, Stacey Cooke Photography in Athens, Georgia, has been a long time coming, and it feels a bit surreal that I am finally turning my beloved hobby into an actual business. Through this blog, I hope to share with you the joys of owning my own business, the highlights of my photographs, and all the emotions that go along with it.  Pretty soon, I'll have my website up and running too (, so check back soon for updates.  Thanks for checking in with me as I start this journey!! 


Bridge said...

Congratulations on your leap of faith Stacey, you are going to do wonderful thing! Love - Bridgette

Lyn said...

I'm so happy for you Stacey, and of course all of the photos are beautiful!! You can tell you put your entire heart and soul into every photo!! Hope you travel internationally for photos :) Love ya bunches, Lyn